I’m a die-hard member of the NPP – Salis Yakubu


Salis Yakubu Atsuluho has confirmed being a card-bearing member of the New Patriotic Party who once stood on the ticket of the party in the Yapei-Kusawgu constituency.

Speaking to Kevin Taylor on why he recorded President Akufo-Addo receiving what the NDC considers to be a bribe, Salis said that he has been a staunch member of the NPP since 1992.

He said that following the recording of the video, there have been attempts to oust him from the party but he refused to blink.

Salis said that no amount of intimidation or threat will make him relinquish his membership of the NPP.

“I’m a die-hard NPP member and no one can remove me from the party. No one can sack me from the party despite what I have done. No idiot can remove from the party. I have been part of the party since 1992 and no dog can attempt to remove me from the party’s list”.

Salis also alleged that the presidency released $3million to certain persons to prevent the spread of the video.

He said that though he got his share, he used part for charitable works and kept the rest.

“My friend in Kumasi who is the security coordinator of the KMA told me they have been given $3m to kill the video. After they all took their share what was left was $400,000 and asked me to come for it. He told me that if I don’t take the money, I would be killed.

Salis also said that he has more videos of Kennedy Agyapong and threatened to release them.

“You always hear Kennedy Agyapong say – this person has slept with that person… I will show his videos for the whole world to see the women Kennedy Agyapong has been sleeping with” he threatened.


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