Indomie Vendors in Bolgatanga Excited With Booming Business


The sale of Talia indomies has become a common and lucrative business in Bolgatanga, the Upper East regional capital and when one walks along the principal streets of the town there are several indomie joints dotted around with booming customers.

The business is predominantly operated around the lorry stations where there are a lot of people with most of the vendors having loyal customers who throng there to patronize the delicacy. Others however operate at the outskirts of the township. Generally, the sale of indomie has served as a second stream of income for many including the working class and students. It is largely patronized in the afternoon through to the deep in the night and customers have the free will to request of the operator to prepare with either more pepper or vegetables to suit their taste.
It is a common sight to spot several Talia indomie sellers busily operating just a little distance apart without fear of completion as they are confident their food will be sold out by the close of day. Speaking in an interview with, Madam Barbara Atanga, a vendor at Zaare described the indomie business as lucrative and was hopeful that the holiday season would boost the business more.

Another vendor Akiti Amoah expressed excitement at taking up that business as a source of employment adding that, the business is profitable. A student, Abigail Ayolbila expresses her love for Talia indomie, adding that she even eats it after taking the main meal. Another student Clemencia Asakeya maintains she prefers the delicacy over a menu like waakey. Two parents, Elizabeth Adugbire and Emilia Adonganga both said the sale of Talia indomie is helpful to them because the children always opt to buy that as a meal when they are busy with work.

Talia indomie is a dish that is prepared by cooking spaghetti, draining off the stock, and then poured into a frying pan on the fire. It is constantly stirred to prevent it from tangling up and some amount of oil is added to it together with pepper and some spices to taste. Some vegetables like cabbage, green pepper, and carrots are then separately parboiled and added to the mixture to garnish. Looking at the light nature of the delicacy, one will assume that it is enjoyed by children, but that is a wrong assertion, as it is enjoyed by adults as well.

The least price at which one can buy Taalia indomie is one Ghana Cedis for children and five to seven Ghana Cedis and above for adults, depending on the amount they will eat to fill. There is a diverse opinion on the consumption of the delicacy with many raising concerns about the late night consumption of the food as well as the spicy nature of the delicacy. Sarah Dubure and Prosper Adankai

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