Inusah Fuseini breaks silence, gives account of son’s imprisonment in US


Former Member of Parliament, Insuah Fuseini, has finally broken his salience about the recent arrest and imprisonment of his son, Abdul Inusah, in the United States.

Mr. Fuseini’s son Abdul Inusah, was handed a two-year prison term after being found guilty by a federal jury for playing a role in a fraudulent scheme based in Huntington.

The scheme according to the former law maker was involved in defrauding individuals across multiple states through the use of false online identities.

The court ordered Abdul Inusah to pay $152,000 in restitution and placed him under three years of supervised release following his prison term.

Speaking in an interview with the media, Mr. Fuseini expressed disappointment with actions exhibited by his son.

He further described his son’s involvement in the scheme as “stupidity and naivety.”

“It is a difficult thing to accept because you raise your child with the hope of them becoming a good and responsible person. You sit down with them, talk about leading a decent life, and try to instill the importance of hard work. To see him end up in this situation is truly challenging,” Mr. Fuseini said.

Explaining further, Mr. Fuseini siad his son had registered a company which engages in buy and selling of cars while studying in the US. A move he said, he didn’t sanction because he was sent to study.

“He registered the company and was buying cars for people, a decision which I never approved of because I believe that if you are sent to school to learn, you must concentrate on your studies. But he registered the company and was buying cars for people, including some individuals in Ghana. However, in this particular case, he bought a car for his fellow students, who happened to be Nigerians. It was later discovered that the money used for the purchase was acquired fraudulently,” Mr. Fuseini explained

He said, despite the situation, he has stands firmly by his son, stressing that Abdul Inusah will not engage in any illicit activities.

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