Jean Mensa is the best EC Chair Ghana has ever had – Prof Adei

Professor Stephen Adei

Former Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Rector, Professor Stephen Adei, has named Jean Mensa as the best Electoral Commission Chair in the history of Ghana.

Speaking on Joy FM’ Super Morning Show, Monday, he said, “I think she is the best EC Chair we have ever had in terms of competence.”

According to him, her office stood its grounds to combat false allegations purported by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the just-ended elections.

“From day one, they have always piled up to paint her negative. I have counted to about eight to 10 cases, the NDC will issue a false statement. She will then issue a statement that it is false.

“They will not say anything and move to the next one and issue a false statement and the cycle continues,” he stated.

The NDC, as well as some Civil Service Organisations (CSOs), have questioned the ECs unyielding demand to have a new electoral roll.

The Commission had argued that it could not conduct the December 7, 2020 election with the roll it had justifying the need to have a new register.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the EC braved the storm to register Ghanaians.

This was lauded by the renowned academic.

Prof Adei also said considering what Mrs Mensa had to go through amid the pandemic to also execute the December 7, 2020 general election, it puts her far ahead of her predecessors.

Hung Parliament is doing of God

Prof Adei believes that the controversy over a hung Parliament is the doing of the God, hence urged Ghanaians to find the reason behind such occurrence.

“God has shown himself to be sovereign and I hope NPP and NDC will all recognise it. I don’t believe that anybody expected the results.

“The NPP didn’t believe they would be that bad and the NDC did not believe they would be that good in terms of the Parliamentary seats,” he said.

He revealed that reports and requests presented by a committee set up by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) to dissolve “the winner takes all in Parliament” was denied by the Atta Mills and Mahama-led administrations.

“Now they are going to learn that one person determines who becomes the Speaker of Parliament. I hope it will send a good message to all,” he added.

Also, he hinted various reasons that led to the abysmal performance of the governing party, NPP in the Parliamentary elections.

“Thirty-one of them [NPP] lost their seats of which 21 were ministers and deputy ministers. That was a huge blow.”

He added that the reform of the financial sector was a reason for NPP’s bad performance.

“About four million people were closely affected. Although much effort was made in the last minute, people had suffered for three years.”


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