JUST IN: Over 300,000 People on NABCO Career pathways portal is a factor for slow system


The Director in charge of, Business Research and Skills Development at the Nation Builders Corps Head Office Mubarak Bowan in an exclusive interview has told Apexnewsgh.com that the career pathways portal produced for NABCO beneficiaries across the country wasn’t fast as expected because over 300,000 people who are not trainees were trying hard to log in to see if they have access to the system with different motives.

“…you must understand that is not only trainees who are trying to log in, there are over 300,000 people who are not trainees who are trying to log in to see if they can have access to the system. The motive is that someone who has finish National Service is not on NABCO but have heard that there is this portal that leads to permanent jobs and they are trying to see, is there a way I can move in. Others have heard of it; they are not NABCO trainees but they want to see how it looks like. Some have heard that the way it is structured for you to create your profile and CV, is according to an international standard, so they want to see if they can use it to also build their own profile. So, that is the second group of people and then you have a third group of people who are just hackers and those ones are not only from Ghana. So, we have identified an attempt to log into the system from the U.K, USA, China, Russia, and from the Middle East.” He told Apexnewsgh.com

However, he admonished those perpetuating such act including hackers to stop, to enable beneficiaries, go through the registration process successfully without facing all these load challenges due to their unfortunate actions and inactions.

“…but it is very simple, once you don’t have the identifiable access, you will not be able to log in. So, the pressure will continue a bit and fissile out, because people who will realize that once am not a NABCO trainee I cannot log in will stop. As for the hackers, we deal with them on a daily basis.” He concluded

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