Kennedy Agyapong backs government’s move for a 10% withholding tax on winnings from sports betting and lottery

Kennedy Agyapong

NPP flagbearer aspirant Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has supported the government’s move for a 10% withholding tax on winnings from sports betting and lottery.

According to Mr. Agyapong, betting is not anything good for anyone’s future and that is why it should be punitive to discourage young men and women coming up to take their destiny into their own hands instead of spending time with games and all those things. Whatever money you are going to make is temporal.

He believes youth allocate more of their time to betting because there is no job employment made available for the youth in the country.

“We have to create employment, you wake up very handsome you go out there you are working, you get your beautiful girlfriend, you start a family yes, but with betting, and you cannot call any woman because you go out there, go and sit with the game and all that. So, I will advise the youth….i don’t blame them now, I cannot say that the youth don’t want to work because they don’t have a job.

“But with me, I will create the opportunities because employment is everything and that is what I believe in”.

“I feel so guilty, my daughters in America at age 21-25 all have jobs and good money, none of them makes less than $120, 000 a year. Why is it that my daughters who are Americans after college make so much money and Kennedy Agyapong the loud for 23 years as a member of parliament have not been able to solve unemployment problem”.

“I want the youth of this country to give me that opportunity as a president and you see the number of jobs I will create in this country”. Mr. Agyapong appeals

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