Minister has not granted any interview or made any statement– Spokesperson

Education Minister

The Ministry of Education has refuted what they described as a “deliberate spread of false information and the misuse of media to cultivate negative sentiments against the Education Minister without recourse to their own professional tenets”.

The statement further emphasized that the Ministry of Education has consistently provided textbooks to schools across the country.

It called on the media to adhere to professional standards and verify information before publishing or broadcasting.

The Ministry also warned against the deliberate spread of false information, stating that such actions undermine the government’s efforts to improve the education sector. It urged the public to disregard any reports or statements that are not officially released by the Ministry or its authorized spokespersons.

The issue of textbook shortages in schools has been a longstanding concern in the country, and the Ministry has been working to address it. The government has implemented various initiatives to ensure that all schools have adequate textbooks, including the distribution of free textbooks to schools and the provision of funds for schools to purchase additional materials.

The Ministry stated its commitment to continue working towards improving the education sector and called on the media and the public to support its efforts. It also urged individuals to report any instances of false information or misinformation to the appropriate authorities.

The spreading of false information and the misuse of media platforms to create negative sentiments is a growing issue in many sectors, including education.

The Ministry’s condemnation of such actions highlights the need for responsible journalism and the importance of verifying information before it is disseminated to the public. The statement said


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