NPA reveals threats that could cause fuel shortages in Ghana

Dominic Aboagye

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) says it has identified geopolitics, conflicts, and climate change action policies by the West to protect the planet, forex liquidity risks, and inclement weather, as threats to Ghana’s fuel security which could cause fuel shortages in the country.

Head of Planning at the NPA, Dominic Aboagye revealed that despite being a producer of crude oil. Ghana is only able to refine 20 percent of its daily fuel needs, compelling it to rely on Europe and the Arabian Gulf for the rest of its daily fuel needs.

Mr. Aboagye made the revelation during the NPA engagement with Journalists in Bolgatanga.
He believes the climate action policies of the European countries are frightening Ghana’s fuel supply, as he maintained there is a need for the country to increase local production to restrain the threat.

Meanwhile, speaking about Africa’s support in the protection of the planet, Mr. Aboagye said “As much as we want to protect the planet, we should also think about people’s well-being, people are hungry, poverty is there knocking on doors in Africa and then we’re rather investing millions of dollars into renewable forms of energy” he stressed

On his part, the East Regional Manager of the National Petrol Authority (NPA) Mr. Bashiru Natogma says in terms of cooperation with NPA, fuel stations in the Upper East are doing better.

Bashiru Natogma

According to Regional Manager, because of the way we have intensified their monitoring of checking the fuel on the ground, is making it difficult for people to bring in any bad fuel for consumers.

Speaking about the right and responsibilities of the consumer, Mr. Bashiru said is wrong to engage in a fight with a fuel seller anytime you feel cheated

“As a consumer, you have the right to report any station to the NPA, and the NPA consumer department also has the responsibility to protect your interest as a consumer”. He said

The moment you go there and you suspect cheating, don’t even talk to anybody, don’t let them feel you are not happy, try and obtain a receipt from them and just go and stand some corner and call the number you see on the NPA website.


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