NPP Youth groups in Tamale demand change in management at Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium


In a dramatic turn of events this morning, some NPP Youth groups in Tamale besieged the residence of Madam Salamatu Alhassan, the Manager of Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

The groups demanded that she hand over the management of the stadium to a new person who has reportedly been transferred to Tamale.

Madam Salamatu Alhassan, however, has remained steadfast in her position, stating that she is currently in the process of doing an inventory of the facility with her staff. She has assured that the handover to the new management will be completed before the end of March.

The standoff between the youth groups and Madam Salamatu Alhassan reflects a power struggle within the management of the stadium. It remains to be seen how this issue will be resolved and what impact it will have on the operations of the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in the future.


Ngamegbulam C. S

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