Retired Supreme Court Judge expresses dissatisfaction over non payment of ex-gratia


During the 6th Annual Nathan Quao Lectures in Accra on September 28, retired Supreme Court judge Justice Jones Dotse clarified that judges do not receive ex-gratia payments.

This is because judges have permanence in their roles and remain in office until they reach the retirement age specified. In contrast, political office holders, who have fixed terms, are eligible for ex-gratia payments as outlined in the 1992 Constitution.

Justice Dotse emphasized the importance of distinguishing between the two, stating that political office holders receive these payments upon leaving office after serving their fixed terms, typically four years.

He also acknowledged that ex-gratia payments have been a topic of political debate, with former President John Dramani Mahama suggesting the possibility of abolishing them in the future.

Source: Apexnewsgh.com/Ghana

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