Sanction MPs with COVID-19 still attending Parliament – Center for Parliamentary Affairs

The Center for Parliamentary Affairs has condemned the actions of some lawmakers still attending parliament despite testing positive for Covid-19.

The revelation was made in the House Wednesday with threats from leadership in the house to publicize the names of infected MPs if they do not stay off.

First deputy Speaker Joseph Osei Owusu also cautioned the over 50 MPs who were yet to subject themselves to the testing exercise to do so before the close of the day Wednesday, February 4 in order not to face sanctions.

Speaking to Starr News, executive director of the Africa Center for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Rashid Draman said the recalcitrant MPs must be sanctioned instead of issued warnings.

He was of the view that “we should institute sanctions. I have said over and over in many instances it looks like we have a culture of not sanctioning members of parliament and sending a very clear message and setting a very good public example.”

“If we are relaxed about it when it comes to other issues, now it is about life and death and we cant relax about it. And I seriously entreat the leadership of Parliament to take it very seriously.”

He explained that “because every one person who has covid and is seen out of their homes, you can bet that they could infect only God knows how many people. And you can bet that out of those people who would be infected, some might lose their lives. Is that what we want, I don’t think so.”

Dr Draman added that “it doesn’t send a very good message and I think this is a new Parliament and we are hoping to see some changes.”

“It’s beyond disappointing. If we are dealing with a public health emergency where somebody might lose their lives, I dot know how how much more seriousness you can add to it. It must be condemned in the most clearest terms.”


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