Suspended NPP Youth Organizer Makes Damming Revelations


The suspended youth organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party in Nabdam District of the Upper East Region Agengre Lawrence has made some damming revelation in his response to the regional secretariat.

Below is the full statement submitted to the secretariat:


I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 4th February, 2021 on the above subject matter.

I wish to respond as follows;

  1. On the 6th of December,2020, the Regional Chairman met our Zonal Campaign Team (Kongo East, Kongo West, Zua and Dasabligo Electoral Areas) at Presentation Conference Hall, Logre and handed over an undisclosed amount of money in a bag containing envelopes to each of these Electoral Areas mentioned for the house to house campaigns. Our Team later opened the bag and saw three (3) envelopes of GH₵ 5,000.00 each. The Campaign Team took a decision to give GH₵ 3,000.00, 3,000.00 and 5,000.00 to Kongo SHS, Wondanbihi and Kong Daborin Polling Stations respectively. It was not I, Agengre Lawrence (Youth Organizer) as alleged by the so-called petitioners. The Campaign Team took that decision based on the peculiar nature of the Electoral Area. The remaining Four Thousand Ghana cedis (GH₵4,000.00) did not go into individual pockets as alleged but was used for other operations such as transporting the aged and meeting influential persons identified. The Regional Chairman who failed the last time to carry out this diabolic agenda of getting rid of constituency executives he is uncomfortable with and now seeking to hold on this fictitious petition knows very well that, he did not give such money to me alone hence it cannot be considered as diversion of funds.
  2. On the 3rd of December, 2020, the Constituency Executive Committee (CEC) had a meeting with the Parliamentary Candidate to release all campaign items which included sewing machines and hair dryers to the electorates before 7th December, 2020. It was agreed that each polling station is allocated a sewing machine and a hair dryer. These items were supposed to be handed over to the Zonal Campaign Team which I was a member of for onward distribution but one needed to text the names of the beneficiaries to him (PC) before they could access them. This information was relayed to the various Electoral Area Coordinators (EACs) to get two beneficiaries through the Polling Station Executives (PSEs). The Coordinators from our Zone submitted their names to me which I sent to the PC via text (see attached). The PC asked me to inform the beneficiaries to converge at his house on Saturday, 5th December, 2020 to collect the said items; the CEC was also having a meeting that day with EACs. Indeed the beneficiaries were there to receive but an idea came that since it was a Pelungu market day it would not be prudent for them to carry the items. They were then told to go home and later come to my house and that of Madam Faustina (Women Organizer) for them. A car later brought the items meant for Kongo East to my house and beneficiaries came that same day for them. It is not only surprising but evil for anyone to claim that, I did not deliver the said items meant for the campaign as alleged by the so-called petitioners or their sponsors.
  3. The petition on which you stand to suspend me, an elected officer of the party is forged and fraudulent. It is sad that when a properly written petition was brought to your office against the Constituency Secretary, a darling boy of the Regional Chairman, your Assistant, Elvis Figo and the Regional Chairman, Lawyer Tony took turns to call the petitioners to advise, warn, caution and even threaten them against the petition, a petition you in person signed a letter subsequently to dismiss same without even hearing the petitioners or the respondent will now hurriedly come out with this supposed suspension letter without even cross checking. If you did cross check, you would have realized that one of the petitioners, Banga Naoh (Wondanbihi Polling Chairman) was never consulted neither to talk of thumb printing the said petition. Does this not surprise you? Now note further; upon hearing of the petition he wrote a disclaimer to the Constituency Chairman distancing himself from the petition (see attached). He could have reported the matter to the police for impersonation but there were interventions from the campaign team which met and resolved the issue. So how would you use a fake document with contents of baseless allegations to suspend me?
  4. The Polling Station Executives also wrote a letter to the Constituency Chairman withdrawing the said petition (see attached).
  5. Again, the Campaign Team from the Electoral Area wrote a letter to Constituency Chairman stating their views on how the money was used for the house to house campaigns on this issue came up (see attached).
  6. In paragraph three (3) of your letter you referenced Article 3(7) of our party Constitution which states;

(1) A Member may be suspended from membership of the party, or holding any office in the party, pending an enquiry into his or her conduct by a Disciplinary Committee.

(2) Any decision to suspend a Member shall not be taken, unless the nature of the complaint has been communicated to the member in writing, and disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against such Member.

I am educated that you misapplied Article 3(7) in this circumstance and I therefore wish to advise you to kindly withdraw your letter the soonest in order to avoid dragging the name of the party into disrepute as an administrator of the party in the region. You are or should be aware that you cannot take a part in the said article and leave out the part which imposes an obligation on you in the same article or clause.

If the region intends (intended) to do a financial audit in the constituency in relation to the 2020 general elections, be sure you will not find me among the persons who diverted or misused campaign resources during the campaigns.

In the above instances and the overall effect of same, I am highly unable to accept the suspension letter from the Regional Secretariat signed by your good self. I therefore, as was elected remain the Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Nabdam constituency and I think those who are quite uncomfortable with my being an executive member should try to endure the stress till the next elections.

Yours Faithfully


Agengre Lawrence

(Youth Organizer, Nabdam)


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