Talensi: Ghana Mines workers Union with Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited to kick start talks ahead of 2023 salaries


Ghana Mines workers Union with the Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited a large-scale mining entity operating in the Talensi district of the Upper East Region will be meeting to discuss issues regarding their 2023 salaries and some other working conditions on Thursday, September 22, 2022. report

The branch Union Secretary of Ghana mine workers in the area Solomon Yintota made the revelation during his engagement with on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, following an alleged accusation of workers of the company have not been treated well by their employer Earl International.

Earlier, in an engagement on flagship programme dubbed “SPEAKOUT UPPER EAST” Solomon TTB
a resident of the area has alleged that workers are been treated unfairly by management.

“I am telling you that those people are more and less like they are working by day. They are working by day because, the moment you go to work they will mark your pay for the day, but the day you did not go to work, that day they won’t mark and you won’t get anything. And there is no mining firm in this country that is doing by day unless you are a casual worker or they are engaging you to come and do construction work for them”. He said

However, responding to the comment made by Solomon TTB, the branch Union Secretary Mr. Yintota, partially admitted that is true that workers of Earl International don’t receive equal payment like other workers in various mining companies.

“Am aware that their salaries are more than us and that where we are all struggling to see how we can catch up and they are been paid in dollars and we are been paid in cedis. But now we have been paid in cedis converted to dollar rate. As I told you, we are going to discuss 2023 salaries in dollars and that is the only thing I think we are lacking from other mining companies. Besides that, in the mining industry, the way our safety and other thing was, we were not like other miners. But because they have moved to a large scale, safety has improved. We are not saying we are perfect like other mining companies but we are also far behind where we came from and we are better somehow now”. Mr. Yintota told


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