The people of Upper East should rather reward NPP with more seats for delivering Bolga-Bawku road


The Binduri Member of Parliament Abanga Abdulai says, he still stands by his pronouncement made about NDC’s unseriousness and treatment shown the people of the Upper East Region towards the construction of Bolga-Bawku, stressing that, if the people of Upper East want to be fair, they should rather reward the New Patriotic Party (NPP) with more of the seats from the region.

Mr. Abanga made his stance stronger whiles responding to the press release issued by the Regional Communication Bureau of the Opposition of the NDC in the region on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

“The attention of the NDC Regional communication Bureau has been drawn to a very wicked and mischievous lie by the MP for Binduri constituency that, President Mahama cut sod for the Bolgatanga -Bawku -Pulmonkom road three times”.

“According to the non-performing MP “President Mahama came to that area to cut sod for the road not once, not twice but thrice or so and the road was still there” section of the press release says.

Meanwhile, Speaking to Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen on ApexnewsGhana flagship developmental programme dubbed “SPEAKOUT UPPER EAST” on Thursday, September 29, 2022, the MP said, The bottom line of his statement is not about whether the former President Mahama cut sod one time, two times, three times. “The bottom line of my statement and still stand by it, is that the NDC that the people of the Upper East Region have consistently been voting for is providing very little as compared to what this government for 4 years has done for the people of the Upper East Region. So, the people of the Upper East Region, if they want to be fair should rather reward the New Patriotic Party with more of the seats from the region”.

He said: “I sighted the example of the Bolga- Pulmakum road, this road if you are in the Upper East before 2017, there are times that people will say it openly that people who come from Bawku, Zebilla were refusing to travel back home because of the nature of the road. Is just like today, there is no dumsor, people seem to have forgotten that in 2015-2016 there was dumsor that you could be in your offices and there is no light, you will be in your house and there was no light for your fridge, you want to iron your cloth and you don’t have light, and factories had to close down because there was no light. But, today because there is a regular light, people have forgotten that there use to be dumsor was NDC was in power”.

“I am saying that before NPP came to power, the Bawku road was a death trap. You have to travel about 4 hours before you get to Bolga”.

“Yesterday, I was in my village Bassi and I got up there within 20 minutes I was in Bolga, because the New Patriotic Party led by Nana Akufo-Addo came to power and look for money to construct that road. Today, am sitting in Accra. It is possible because that has been fixed within less than 4 years”.

“And they come and they are talking about me not performing, Look, is only the people of Binduri who can determine whether am performing or not”.

How do you place a project like Bolga- Bawku Pulmakum road the funding to be financed by Road Fund? If you are really someone who is interested in the welfare of the people, the nature of that road, if the government then were interested and very serious in delivering services to the people of the Upper East Region, they would have gone to secure a loan, a facility from a bank to fund that road. When this government came to power, that is exactly what the government did and the Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia is somebody who took a personal interest in this project. You can ask the contractor they will tell you. And there is a fund available that is why the road was quickly done”.


Abanga Abdulai-Binduri MP

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