UER: NPA shuts down 16 open petrol selling outlets


Office of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in the Upper East Region has started shutting down 16 illegal petrol-selling outlets in the region.

In recent times, the region has witnessed an increasing number of these open petrol tank outlets especially in communities across the region such as Zorko, Sakote Pelungu, Gaare, Duusi, Shiega, Tongo, Bolga Soe, Sirigu, Bongo, Gbane, Kpale, Zonno, Namolga, Kpale, and Chuchuliga.

Engaging the media during an interview, the East Regional Manager of National Petrol Authority (NPA) Mr. Bashiru Natogma “The risk associated with their activity tank fuel sellers are very high. If you look at the filling station where they bury the tank, all security measures have been put in place. But if you look at the open tank outlets, they just put the product in the tank and the tank is exposed to the sun, look at the temperature here and they are just selling without fire extinguishers, and if there is any explosion what will happen? He asked

According to Mr. Natogma, the 16 illegal petrol sellers they have shut down, are those they have discovered. Insisting that they only want to know their activities by way of regularizing their documents.

“Those that we have discovered are those we have closed down, there are two in Sandema that have received authorization by NPA to operate. They may be others. We have been talking to them for some time now, and some of them will even show interest after locking them”.

“For now, we are shutting them down to ginger them to come and regularize their document that is all that we want them to do”.


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