UER: My Constituency Party Chairman and Some Other Party Members Caused My Defeat—Frank Fuseini Adongo


The outgoing Member of Parliament for Zebilla Constituency of the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region who doubles as the Deputy Upper East Regional Minister Frank Fuseini Adongo has told Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com that he lost the 2020 seat to Cletus Avoka due to party internal sabotage ranging from his party Chairman and some other known members of the party.

Mr. Fuseini who was speaking in an exclusive interview said, there has not been cooperation since he assumed office in 2017 as the Member of Parliament for Bawku West, due to the appointment of a District Chief Executive (DCE) position which was applied by some few party individuals including a woman who was later appointed as the DCE for Zebilla Victoria Ayamba.

According to Mr. Fuseini, the current Constituency Chairman Patrick Ayaaba who equally applied for the position of DCE and unfortunately couldn’t get the opportunity, vowed to punish him and make him lose the 2020 election because he the Constituency Chairman holds the perception that he the MP was the one who masterminded and denied him the opportunity of getting the District Chief Executive position.

“In actual fact, humanly speaking, there has not been cooperation in the party at all, since I took over in 2017. I had a problem with some of my executives, it was emanating from this choice of District Chief Executive (DCE). Some people applied wanting to see whether they could get the opportunity and they didn’t and a woman was choosing and you know our President when he took over at the beginning, said he wants about 30 percent of women to part of his government. So, the moment a woman’s name came up, I think it was a blessing to him and since then, people were aggrieved thinking that I masterminded they not getting and making the woman to get and since then, there has been some misunderstanding which we tried to solve from national to the constituency to region. Actually, a lot of people came in to intervene to see how they solve the problem. But well, a human being is a human being, because some of them in a group said, they will do it in such a way it will pain me in a bitter form. So, they are the people who caused this havoc because they felt that I should be punished.”

“Particularly, is about my Constituency party Chairman Patrick Ayaaba, according to him, the party said party chairmen will take the position of DCE’s and even by then he was not the party chairman, there was someone who the party chairman before he took over. He was the one who worked hard for us to get the seat, he led us to get the seat, the MPship seat. In fact, it has not been an easy tussle.” He stressed

However, the outgoing Member of Parliament Mr. Fusieni Adongo believes another factor that contributed to the NPP loss of Zebilla seat to NDC Cletus Avoka was also the gang up against him by Dr. Thomas Akurugu who contested him in the parliamentary primaries at the constituency level and lost, and one Desmond Abugbila Senior Custom Officer at the Ghana Port and the Constituency Secretary Cletus Ayariga.

“It also happens that when we came for the primaries one young man from the Binaba area Dr. John Akurugu contested me and lost and I went through so, he also felt offended. So, there was a merge between Dr. Akurugu, the current party chairman, and the secretary that they should sabotage me, they campaigned against me and rather supported Cletus Avoka against me because they felt that, if is thrown away is better. They are actually the people who worked against me together with one custom officer from Sapelga a senior Customs Officer called Desmond Abugbila, he is a senior Custom Officer at the port in Accra, they all came against me vehemently sharing monies, sharing cloth here and there with heavy propaganda that is the truth about the whole matter. I think by now, they will sit and reflect that with what is happening now, it is the party have suffered most.” He told Apexnewsgh.com

Meanwhile, credible information reaching Apexnewsgh.com also has it that the District Chief Executive (DCE) of which have resulted to the misunderstanding, also ironically contributed massively to the loss of the Zebilla seat. Because according to information gathered from residents of Zebilla constituency, each time residents approached her for any assistance, she will not give them any attention but will openly tell them “I don’t need your vote, go to the MP, he is the one who needs your votes, not me.” Some of these issues made people’s decisions as far as Zebilla constituency of the Upper East Region is concerned.

However, Mr. Fuseini Zebilla acknowledged that fact Zebilla is a stronghold of NDC and the people decided to go with him in 2016 because they felt that he was somebody who have been so charitable to them.

“You know I have a health facility and a lot of people benefited from it for several years. So, when I came to contest as a practicing politician, majority of the people decided to go with me and that is how I have been the MP from 2016 to 2020 till Avoka came back and took it away from me. He said.

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