UER: Residents seek help as bees occupied by abandoned police post


Chiefs and people of the Bongo Soe community a suburb of Bongo in the Upper East Region are calling on the relevant authorities to come to their aid by opening the abandoned police post to help curb the criminal activities in the area.

The police post, they say was built and completed in 2012 and was set to be commissioned in 2016 but due to the change in government, the police post has been abandoned and now occupied by bees.

Speaking to Apexnewsgh.com, the Chief of the area, Naba Awingura Namaaletinga Sobokbo Naba said the idea of building a police post in the community came to them as welcome news but it now beats their in intelligence as to why the government refused to open it.

“When they (government) came requesting for land to build a police post, I and my people did not hesitate because we knew of the benefits it will bring. But for 8 years today, the building has been completed to the extent its walls and doors are now rioting away. Why? Why will we allow things to be like this? All that I want from the politicians is to allow the police personnel to come and occupy the place and not bees.”

Some of the residents who also spoke to our reporter said the failure by authorities to open the police post has led to increasing in crime-related activities in the business center of the area.

Simon Nyaaba, a resident said “Now, you can not park your motorbike outside for 10minutes. Just last week, one of my friend’s motorbike was taken by thieves. Imagine, there were police officers around, at least fear would have been on them not to take it.”

“It is sad that we in the Bongo Soe here have to face things like this. Just look at the build, why will we allow politics to overuse us to the extent that we can not do something collectively. 8 years and still counting, it is sad”, another resident said.

The Assembly Member of the Soe Tamolga Electoral Area, Philemon Yidongo said he has made several efforts to the extend he assured the district police commander of providing accommodation to any selected personnel that will manage the place.

“The last time I visited the district police commander’s office, he told me that the place was without accommodation hence his personnel can not stay there if they open the police post. But I assured him of the community’s willingness to provide them with accommodation which we did.

When we invited the commander, he came and inspected the place and said again that the rooms we offered for his personnel were substandard hence will not allow his officers to come. So in fact, I have done my part just that we do not what is happening.”

But at the time of filing this report our efforts to get in touch with the Bongo District Police Commander or the District Chief Executive for Bongo, Peter Ayinbisa prove fatal.


Ngamegbulam C. S

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