UER: Teachers from Navrongo abandoned schools in Kandiga due to fear for their lives


The Assemblyman for the Akunkongo/Abempingo electoral area of Kandiga in the Kassena-Nankana Municipal of the Upper East Region has alleged that since school re-open, teachers from Navrongo area are not coming to school to teach their children.

Earlier, the report was that the schools in Kandiga conflict zone were not functioning due to the ongoing conflict in the area. But when contacted the Assemblyman who overseas issues in the community Hon. Clement Akapanga, disclaimed the fact that schools in his electoral areas were not active. But however, stressed that the issue at hand has to do with the teachers from Navrongo area who were not attending school since the re-opening of school by the Ghana Education Service.

According to Hon. Akapanga who spoke to in an exclusive interview alleged that the heard that the acting Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Kassena Nankana Municipal Mr. William Aduum asked these teachers from Navrongo not to go back to school in Akunkongo/Abempingo electoral area and Atosale / Zaasi electoral area

“School is in operation, but we have some teachers not coming especially the teachers from Navrongo area, they don’t come. Apart from those who are from our area, they come to school. The children to school in their numbers, they mark their registers every day because they are always present. So, to say the school is not in operation will be the truth. Except that the teachers from Navrongo and am told by one of these teachers that the acting MCE Williams Aduum has asked them not to come to school”. He alleged 

However, the acting Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Navrongo Municipal Mr. Williams Aduum in an interview with, denied the allegation. According to him, even though, he acknowledged having an idea of the situation, he said as an MCE, he cannot ask teachers not to go to school because that will amount to a vacation of a post. But he believes the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) will have to sit and come out with a better solution. 

“No, I am not sure that is true, how can the say the MCE have asked the teacher not to go to school? You know GES is a decentralized body, they don’t work directly under the assembly, we only come to assist if there is a need. I also got this information from one of the people there, that I have asked the teachers to go to school and I said it wasn’t true. So, I called the director to know whether she had also heard something like that and she said no, it was teachers who came to her, that they needed some guarantee from her to see if they can be going to school because of the security situation there and she said that, she could not also say that they shouldn’t go to school because if they don’t, it will amount to a vacation of post. So, she will also get in touch with the MUSEC so that they will see what MUSEC can do. So, they sent a letter to the office, I think the day before yesterday and my director called me and said well, once am not in town, what they will need to do is to call for the security council to sit and look at how best we can talk to the security for them so that can always go and close without any problem. But I can’t tell teachers that they should go to school. That cannot be correct at all”. Mr. Aduum explains

However, when contacted the Municipal Education Director Madam Alice. E. Abeere-inga she declined to speak on the issue because she does not know the reporter in person. 

Kandiga and Doba conflict has in the past few months intensified. Causing residents to run away from home. The two communities are fighting for over the ownership of a piece of land on which an old structure that has been earmarked to be renovated and converted to a Police Station is sited. Chidozie Stephen

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