“Your service was not service to us”, Dachio Chief to Gov’t


The Chief of Dachio community, a community in the Bolgatanga East District of the Upper East Region, Naba Thomas Adongo Akaliga II has hinted, the service by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to provide a dam for the community was not services to them as the dam could not meet its usefulness.

According to him, the dam after its construction failed to meet the odds, and can only be described as punishment to the community members as it has further deteriorated their road and properties any time it rains heavily.

Naba Akaliga II spoke to Apexnewsgh.com after reports suggested that the dam was part of the three dams in the district said to have been completed.

But baffled at the reports, Naba Akaliga II explained that they can only describe the dam as a waste of their farmlands.

“This was not what I and my people were expecting from the government. If this was what they {government officials} said I would not have agreed to release our farmlands for them to waste it. This dam is nothing but a waste of land and can not be served as services to us. Just look, how many months are we in, the eighth months yet this dam can not collect water and you want us to call it a dam that has been completed. Why can’t we stop deceiving ourselves for once?”

He added that anytime he passes there he usually tried his best not to look at the dam because of its disappointment to their long expectations.

“Anytime I passed here, I normally forced myself not to look at it, and do you know why because the more I look at the dam, the more I become angry at the work done. The dam as well as the government has failed us. We are a farming community and was expecting something meaningful that can assist us in dry season farming, not this. It can’t even collect water for wet season how more of the dry season.”

“The sad part of it is, the spillway of the dam has been directed toward a road. Now, the road has turned to a river thereby making it difficult for easy passage for commuters in and out of the community”, he stressed.

He, therefore, asked relevant authorities to as matter of urgency find a lasting solution to their plight or better still covers it up to avoid further destruction.

“There are two things I want the DCE to do which are; to either call the contractor back to the side to properly work on the dam to meet its usefulness or find a caterpillar to come and cover this pit up to protect lives and properties because it can best be described as a death- trapped.”

But when newsmen contacted the District Chief Executive for Bolgatanga East Rev. Emmanuel Abole assured the chief and his people that the contractor has been asked to come back to the side despite his inability to give a specific time and date.

“If the dam were to be a book, i would have asked government to comeback for their dam”

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