2020 vote margin will be like Asamoah Agyan missing penalties

Stephen Atubiga

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Atubiga has said that the Percentage margin for President Akufo Addo and former President Mahama is going to be like Asamoah Agyan missing the penalties or like the way Bukom Banku heats Ayitey Powers inside the boxing arena.

However, Mr. Atubiga uses the opportunity to extend his advice to the President not to behave the way Donald Trump of the United States America behaved when President Biden was declared the winner of the general election elections.

“As for the percentage margin of President Akufo Addo and Former President Mahama, is going to be like Bukom Banku heating Ayitey Powers and the NPP is going to be like Asamoah Agyan missing the penalties. So, to me, if the NPP lose is better they conceive because, if we are in a serious country, President Nana shouldn’t be contesting, he should be resigning. Is going to be a knockout punch and the margin is going to be unprecedented. Nana Addo should be calling Trump to give him a psyche on how to receive the shock so that he doesn’t waste the time at the flagstaff house like the way Donald Trump is changing democracy in the U.S.”

Speaking about vigilantism, Mr. said “…as for this election, we have to know that vigilantism has been legalized, installed, activated, and implemented by the NPP. They have under the shadow deployed them in most of the security agencies for them to have access to legal weapons to still do the same vigilantism.” He stressed
However, he told Apexnewsgh.com that the NDC is prepared to match NPP boot for boot.

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