A1 radio’s current affairs Producer resigns


The 2019 Upper East Region award winner of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) Human Right category award and Producer of the most influential current affairs/ political programme popularly known as Daybreak Upper East (DBUE) Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen has resigned from Agreed Best Communication Limited a subsidiary of A1 RADIO 101.1MHZ.

Mr. Ngamegbulam in a resignation letter captured by Apexnewsgh.com stated that the reason for his resignation was based on management decision and pressure on him to choose between his established website and A1 Radio.

“I was given an option by my management to choose between my private website and A1 radio to work with, and upon thorough thinking, I accepted and chose my newly established website. 

Because my management sees my website as a conflict of interest, regarding my role as a member of A1 Radio newsroom.”

So far, in the Northern sector media landscape, Mr. Ngamegbulam is noted as one of the most influential Radio Producers which has a lot of skills and tests in radio production when it comes to his relationship with top hierarchy personalities in both local, national and international.

Notable among the personalities Mr. Ngamegbulam has produced was the now current President and Vice President of the Republic of Ghana President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and now the National Democratic Congress (NDC) running mate for the 2020 elections Naana Opoku Agyeman just to mention but few.

Mr. Ngamegbulam before now has contributed his quota at A1 radio and the development of the Upper East Region especially by holding duty bearers and appointees accountable on issues of Development in the Upper East. 

He is known as a very straightforward, serious, strict kind of personality when it comes to his job because he always wants to deliver by maintaining his long built quality and reputations. Because of his kind of person, Mr. Ngamegbulam had been in a good relationship with his employer and colleague workers from 2013 to date.

He further extends gratitude to all the various political party communicators and as well as his contact resource persons in both home and abroad for the wonderful cooperation they have enjoyed so far. 

“I want to thank all the political party communicators I have worked closely with for their supports and cooperation. Please, let me use this opportunity equally to render an apology to those who genuinely felt offended in our line of duty due to one or two different ideologies, ‘Yes, such is expected in any human institution, but I think the most important is to forgive and move on because the world is not our own.” He said

Meanwhile, Mr. Ngamegbulam who is popularly known as Chief Producer one (1) has worked with Albert Sore, now JoyFm Upper East correspondent, Christopher Asima, Albert Azongo, Abrahim Aziz, Aboagye Emmanuel and Samuel Mbura as hosts of Daybreak Upper East (DBUE).


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Ngamegbulam C. S

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