[AUDIO]:Tempane Director of Education reveals more troubling revelation about teachers in his District– [AUDIO)


The Tempane District Director of Education Mr. Tee Rashid Anaffu, has responded to the recent alleged allegations of misconduct and ineffective leadership leveled against him by a coalition of concerned youth, community members, parents, educators, and students.

In an interview with Apexnewsgh, Mr. Anaffu dismissed the allegations, attributing them to political motivations by his critics.

According to Mr. Anaffu, the individuals who organized a press conference against him were acting on the instructions of their political “gurus.” He claimed that his recent reshuffles of staff were aimed at addressing issues of extortion and criminality within the education office.

“Most of these teachers do not even come from my district and example is the one who read the statement. He is from a different district and most of those standing with him are teachers from district but claimed to be native of this district. Those I reshuffle, I reshuffle them because of their criminal attitude are the sponsors of this demonstration because they are natives and their political figure and godfather tried persuading me to continue maintain them in those office and I said no because they were bad example.

Mr. Anaffu’s response comes after a coalition of stakeholders called for his removal, citing allegations of abuse of authority, discrimination, financial improprieties, poor leadership, unethical behavior, and erosion of public trust. The coalition has threatened to hold a protest on May 29, 2024, if their demands are not met.

The controversy has sparked a heated debate in the Tempane District, with many calling for accountability and transparency in the education office. While Mr. Anaffu’s response has shed some light on his perspective, the issue remains unresolved, and the public awaits further developments.

Full interview with Tempane  Director of Education


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