Confidence of citizens will be boosted if leadership exhibit transparency on how revenues collected are put to use– Sadat


According to the NDC representative and a regional member of the communication team Jambeidu Mbawini Sadat, leadership must be transparent and open to Ghanaians on how revenues collected are been put to use.

Speaking on Apexnews Ghana programme dubbed “SPEAKOUT UPPER EAST” on Monday, September 12, 2022. Mr. Jambeidu believes that will be the only forward on improving revenue collection in our various MMDAs.

“I blame ourselves because is high time we become transparent, is high time we become very open as leaders, as far as governance is concerned and when you are transparent, no reasonable Ghanaian will tell you I will not pay tax. They will be eager to even pay the tax”. He said

“Let me put it on record, there is no developing country that says, we can stand without taxes, no government can come and say I will rule this country without generating Internal Revenue to run the affairs of the country. The same that, there is no District that will say I won’t mobilize I won’t say won’t generate Internal Generated Fund to run the Assembly but only depend on the central government for their day to day activity”. He pointed

Mr. Jambeidu also, explained that with the current state of the Assembly where DCEs are currently working for months without receiving their salaries, there is a possibility of revenue wastage because the DCEs will want to survive with the little coming into the Assembly from some other sources.

“And even currently, am told, Common Fund doesn’t come regularly and some appointees like the DCE’s am told their salaries have not been paid since they assume office, I don’t know if now they have started paying them. So, if you don’t pay them, It means the DCEs will be feasting with the little resource that is meant for running of the assembly activity”.

“This Particular government the transparency is not there and that is one the key thing”.


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