Just In: NPP PC Explains Why She Lost Bawku Seat to Mahama Ayariga as She Blames…

Agbanwa Gabiana Abugri NPP 2020 Parliamentary candidate in Bawku Central Constituency

The 2020 Parliamentary Candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party in the Bawku Central constituency Agbanwa Gabiana Abugri has pointed out reasons why she lost the Bawku Central seat to NDC Mahama Ayariga.

Speaking in an exclusive interview after the 2020 election, Madam Gabiana told Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com that her late hour sickness, party internal wrangling between her and some party members, misinformation by her opponents to the people of Bawku Central and even her own family members caused her losing the Bawku Central seat to his opponent.

“When I went round, the message I got was very positive and I was crowning myself not less than 60 percent. But unfortunately getting to the last campaign period, I felt sick and I was out about 40 days, and even up to now, am not even out like that to start doing anything. Even though am well, the doctor said I need some rest, so I shouldn’t do any movement. So, that one too has affected my campaign because I wasn’t able to move to the whole constituency. You hear people saying that I have died and when I even came back, people said I was bed riding, that my opponent used my sickness as an opportunity to campaign against me. He was going around telling the people that, I wasn’t well, I was bed riding, and that they only want the people to vote for me and later the party will replace me with another person and people really bought into that without understanding the real fact.”

“The second reason was that, there was a problem between the party itself, I mean between ourselves, so NDC also took the opportunity to give us more problems. The problem was not something that was hidden, it was glare we had problem among ourselves and that problem couldn’t be addressed even though I sent it to the region and I sent it to the national and it was not dealt with or maybe it wasn’t well addressed and it was between me and some members of the party. If you can remember, there was an audio I was trying to advise somebody to talk to somebody 4 months later, getting to the election time that audio was leaked. Apart from that, because I am not the MP when I go out and lobby for developmental projects and it gets the Municipal, it was diverted to my opponent and she was doing as if she brought it.”

“Apart from that, you know Bawku here, we have that kind of chieftaincy problems, me being a Manpurusi, even though my opponent is my son, they went out 2 days to the election, people came and told me that this was what they told the chief; that any chief who had allowed us in their place, that person was going to be in trouble, to the extent that my own uncle went out and was distributing money that they should vote against me. There are so many things that I can’t mention here. But I am confident that if I had gone out to talk to people and they listen to me, it would have been a different thing altogether, but it didn’t happen that way.” She explained

Madam Gabiana who appeared so disappointed when speaking to Apexnewsgh said, despite all the troubles and challenges, she gives all the glory to God her creator because he oversea everything and always has a way of addressing them accordingly.

However, in the 2020 parliamentary elections, Mahama Ayariga of the NDC retained the Bawku Central seat with a total number of 25,490 votes whiles Madam Gabiana of the NPP secured 23,166. GUM candidate got 457, LPG 111 and NDP candidate managed with just 96 votes.

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