Nabdam District’s first attempt to elect a Presiding Member failed


Assembly Members for the Nabdam District Assembly in the Upper East Region have failed to elect a Presiding Member after twice voting.
The contest was between Hon. Charles Ndabon a current Assembly member representing the Tindongo electoral area, who also doubles as the Upper East Regional Organizer of governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and Hon. Kolog Timbire Jonas, the Assembly member representing Yakote electoral area, he also doubles as the Constituency Deputy Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The election took place on Friday, September 30, 2022, at the District assembly Hall.

Meanwhile, before the election, the Nabdam District Chief Executive Agnes Anamoo expressed her profound gratitude to members of the assembly for their immense contributions through debates which she said have enriched deliberations on the floor of the house leading to the adoption of sound decisions for the development of the district.
The DCE also extended the same gratitude to all hardworking Public Servants District whose technical support cannot be quantified.
She further admonished Assembly members to consider the role of a Presiding Member in the district especially when it comes to district developments.

Afterward, the incumbent Nabdam District Assembly Presiding Member Hon. Sampana Abass gave the contestants a 2 minutes speech opportunity to address colleagues’ assembly members.

However, Hon. Jonas when gotten the opportunity to address other Assembly members, described himself as someone who wants the progress and development of the Assembly. He said, he was surprised that his counterpart Charles Ndabon was contesting him after giving him assurance that he wasn’t interested in the position when he visited him to seek his blessings. He later appeals to delegates to consider electing him Hon. Jonas as their presiding member. Because that will promote amicable working relationships with workers and the welfare of members.

“But honestly, am surprised my brother is contesting, I like him, I have been to him and he said he was not interested. So, today, am surprised my brother is here. But he is a good brother and I only hope that he should support me. He has bigger roles to play, he has mining activities and other things to do” he said

Also making use of his 2 minutes of his speech time, Hon. Charles Ndabon popularly known as ‘CHAMPION MAN’ gave delegates an assurance of a good welfare package for every Assembly member in the Nabdam district. He believes a vote for him stands for peace and unity.

“Hon. Members, I present myself to you. Please, I will ensure that your welfare will be catered for. It has been a long time that in the leadership of our district there is no welfare. Hon. Member vote Charles T. Ndabon, vote for unity and development, vote for Nabdam first before Charles T. Ndabon thank you very much”

After some little deliberation by the Assembly members, the election was conducted by officials of the Electoral Commission (EC)

Out of a total of 21 qualified Assembly members in the Nabdam District Assembly, two-thirds which is equivalent to 14 votes was expected to see either Hon. Ndabon or Hon. Jonas as a winner per the constitution. But unfortunately, the first attempt gave both contestants 9 votes each, 1 spoiled vote, and 1 absent. Whiles the twice attempt as constitutionally mandated also brought a slight change. In the second round, Hon. Kolog Timbire Jonas’s votes were reduced to 8 and Charles T. Ndabon increase his vote to 11 and 1 absent. Remember, even though the Member of Parliament is part of the Assembly, he has no vote.

However, Assembly is expected to reconvene within 10 days for the second batch of the election. Per the constitution, that will be the last opportunity for the 2 contestants if delegates failed to elect any of the two contestants as a Presiding Member.

Source:|Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen|Nabdam|Ghana

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