UER: The MP, DCE And The Authorities Didn’t Listen To Us, They Should Be Blamed For The Zebilla Seat—NPP Chairman


The Constituency Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region Patrick Ayaaba has responded to the accusation and blame game of he been the architect of causing the defeat of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Zebilla Constituency.

Mr. Ayaaba who spoke to Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com said he played his role professionally as a Constituency chairman but, unfortunately couldn’t receive any good cooperation especially from the Member of Parliament (MP) and District Chief Executive (DCE).

According to him, the problem in the constituency between the MP, DCE and the party members wasn’t a hidden thing in the constituency hence, he made effort to resolve it on time before the 2020 elections, but unfortunately no attention was given to him for redress.

He said, with his effort and efforts of some other party members, they were able to convince some NDC members in 2016 to win the Zebilla seat. But unfortunately, in the 2020 elections the people they convinced were feed up with the performance of the MP and DCE, which makes it difficult for the NPP to win the seat even though Zebilla is known as NDC stronghold.

However, Mr. Ayaaba said the MP and DCE must take the blame for the abysmal performance the constituency witnessed in the just ended December 7, 2020 general elections.

“In 2016, due to the hardworking of some us, we were able to convince some NDC people to join us plenty, and many of them joined us and we had the seat. But it seems their expectations was not met for a period and during that period all, we have been giving letters to the Regional and National telling them that if care is not taken, something of this sort will happen but it seems they did not pay attention to it and that is why it has caused us. I even have a report i wrote to them, in the report, I was saying that the behavior of the MP and the DCE is on called for and if they don’t come and put them to order, some of this sort maybe caused and even in some level, the Regional Chairman had to reply by saying what am saying is not true. So, I kept quiet.” He stressed

“You know this our Northern Region everything we want consultation. Sympathizing of funerals, developmental issues, even if you want to pick somebody, you had to consult to know that we are all in agreement because resources are limited to supply. But it looks as if some were sidelined so I think that is the problem. When they don’t get, they create a problem and when they come and it is not well managed then other will feel offended, they are the cause. Even some polling station executive were of the view that they will sit down and somebody who did not support the party will bypass them and go and get some position. Even organizing polling station meetings was a problem. I have to stop campaign and call them to plead on them to come down. In 2016, some of them were even selling their guineafowl for the party. There is a lot to come and here, I want the MP to be sitting down and DCE to be sitting and I will be sitting down will be talking and see whether they can answer, is not a hidden thing. The place is an NDC area not an NPP area so you don’t boast. So, if somebody is not happy the way you distribute resources, you only need to call him and plead on him, but he will say let’s ignore him. Before the primaries, some people were having this thing that the MP has lost grounds so they have to change. So, they didn’t support him during the this thing. But when he won, his boys were going round saying money stop nonsense, and that comment alone have caused us a mess. You have won, why do you use that language again? I am not hiding anything, I want the authorities to come and we talk to each other and even what the Regional Chairman did, the letter he wrote to me is still with me. My report is still there, I served report even up to Chief of Staff office, only to make sure they will come and see to it that we correct things before it is spoiled. Meanwhile you have to listen to the people on the ground.”

“Sympathizing of funeral was a problem, we didn’t even have money and the MP have never even given 1000 into our party account to be able to sympathize funerals…nothing, we don’t have any record of MP given us 1000. Nobody should put the blame on anybody, let’s put the blame on the MP and the DCE that is all.” He lamented

“The DCE too, you know we were all contesting for the DCE’s position, so after that anyone who come to her, she will respond that you, you weren’t supporting me why do you come here? She has used all those languages on people and the people are there to justify right now. This is what has actually mess to the party in the constituency. I don’t think we need to blame anybody apart from the two of them and the authorities. The authorities also didn’t listen to us.” He told Apexnewsgh.com

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